0200 hours My fingers tapped madly on the keyboard, as my gaze was perpetually fixated towards the laptop screen, in a frantic rush to focus and complete my given assignments. My mind, cloudy, white noise jarring, ringing in the ears. I just couldn't seem to give my fullest attention towards the tasks at hand. Stressed, … Continue reading Reminded.



The ocean never reveals everything at once. Torrential shallows on one day, mysterious depths on another. There are multiple versions of you living in the minds of every single person you meet and interact with. Each and every one of those versions are unique, none the same. The way we present ourselves to others are … Continue reading Warped

Black Crust

Soak the blackheart in the shoreless sea of mercy and purity. The stains will lift. These thirty days make up the holiest month of the year, where one gets the chance to atone for their sins committed in the eleven months prior. Where one tries to tame their desires and unpleasant habits, disciplining themselves through … Continue reading Black Crust