You aren’t just mere dirt as you’d like to think you are.

Within you flows blood, rich in iron. The wreckage of stars. Iron never came from beneath the earth. It was sent down from the cosmos, its origin lying within the wombs of massive stars that have long went supernova, unable to contain any longer, scattering every iron atom from within their cores to the furthest depths of space.

And, somehow, through vast swathes of time, these atoms ended up inside you. Flowing inside the thinnest of your capillaries as you breathe. As your heart pumps this life-liquid, circulating.

What I’m trying to say is, being humble – for you are made of earth – is only half of the equation. Be noble too. For stardust is infused into your vessel, for every iron atom that circulates within your own body once played a role in destroying stars larger than our own sun itself.

You are star material.


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