The ocean never reveals everything at once. Torrential shallows on one day, mysterious depths on another.

There are multiple versions of you living in the minds of every single person you meet and interact with. Each and every one of those versions are unique, none the same. The way we present ourselves to others are tailored according to who that person is, resulting in an image of you conceived, etched in that person’s memory.

I can’t help but wonder how different they all are.

Definitely, what someone thinks of us, that version of us that lives in their minds, based on how we act around them, are only mere fragments of the actual being. Partial variables of a whole. Pieces of a puzzle. All these alternate us-es, plus the parts of us that we keep to ourselves, make up the real thing. To reveal the full package, will take entire heaps of courage, and will only be reserved for the most intimate to us.

And of course, we hope there may never be a version of us, the one that we’ve been desperate to hide from the rest of the world, that might be living inside another’s mind. Have we done that unintentionally?

Time will reveal all shades and tints of the sea.


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