0200 hours

My fingers tapped madly on the keyboard, as my gaze was perpetually fixated towards the laptop screen, in a frantic rush to focus and complete my given assignments. My mind, cloudy, white noise jarring, ringing in the ears. I just couldn’t seem to give my fullest attention towards the tasks at hand. Stressed, intoxicated.

And then it hit me: I have not performed my Isyak prayer.

I had been so self-absorbed in my work, that I had neglected my time with my Creator, procrastinating my prayer till the wee hours of the morning, as if I was outright challenging Him.

Seemingly, with His infinite wisdom and mercy, He has bestowed upon me such feelings of distraught and guilt, a timely reminder for me to return and converse to Him.

I stood in prayer. It was when I placed the highest point of the body, the forehead, down to the lowest part of the ground, when my mind instantly became clear again. The white noise dissipated as I uttered, “Glory be to Allah My Lord, the Most High.”

As humans, we are quick to forget of how much blessings we are given, that we take them for granted, never thanking the One who gave us our hands, our minds, our eyes, our mouths. The times of prayer are positioned in such a way that throughout the day, we are reminded to be thankful for all that the Creator has bestowed upon us. Consider His reminders to us as a form of His mercy, for without His guidance, we are truly lost, white noise everlasting, clouding our minds.



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